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Book Signing

Cloughie author Marcus Alton signed copies of his charity tribute book at Nottingham Forest's City Ground on Saturday December 19th, 2009. The signing session was held in the Pitch Diner before the match against Preston. Marcus is giving his proceeds of the book to the Brian Clough Memorial Fund. Read more about the book HERE.

Cloughie Key-Rings

Cloughie fans can now buy souvenir key-rings of the stunning statue in Nottingham. The metal key-rings, finished in an attractive gold colour, feature a colour picture of the bronze sculpture. They cost just £3.00 each - with 50p from each sale going to charity. Find out more about the souvenirs and how to place an order HERE.

Christmas Cards

Cloughie Christmas cards are now available to buy, helping good causes along the way. The cards feature a fantastic drawing of the statue in Nottingham. They cost just £2.00 each, with 50p from each sale going to the Brian Clough Memorial Fund. Find out more about the cards and how to place an order HERE.

Winner Announced

The winner of our latest competition has now been announced. He's John Taggart from Middlesbrough, who has received a copy of the tribute book 'Young Man, You've Made My Day' signed by author Marcus Alton and Cloughie's captain John McGovern. John answered correctly that McGovern hosted 'Clough Aid' for the statue fund in Nottingham. John e-mailed: "Thanks very much. I'll enjoy reading it because I'm an avid Cloughie fan." A new competition will be launched soon. Read more about the book HERE.

Statue Anniversary

We're marking the first anniversary of the unveiling of the Brian Clough statue in Nottingham. Mrs Clough unveiled the bronze masterpiece on November 6th, 2008, in front of more than 5,000 people who had gathered in the Old Market Square. It followed an incredible fund-raising campaign by fans. There are pictures and video footage from the big day, plus exclusive video footage of the statue being installed HERE. You can buy statue souvenirs HERE.

Deadline Closed

The deadline has now closed for our competition to win a signed book in tribute to Cloughie. 'Young Man, You've Made My Day' features a foreword written by Barbara Clough. We're giving away a copy signed by author Marcus Alton and Cloughie's captain John McGovern. Marcus' proceeds from sales are going to charity. Competition details are HERE. Read more about the book HERE.

Statue Plans

Plans for the long-awaited statue of Cloughie in Derby are taking shape. We originally reported back in March that there were hopes for a tribute at Pride Park. At last it seems there will be action as well as words. The Derby project follows successful fund-raising schemes in Nottingham and Middlesbrough. However, this time fans have not been asked to donate or choose the design.

Derby County commissioned artist Andy Edwards to produce designs for the statue, which will also feature Cloughie's assistant Peter Taylor - the pair enjoyed their first major success together at Derby, where Taylor ended his career after leaving Nottingham Forest. The bronze memorial at Pride Park will see them holding the league championship trophy. Both families have been consulted. See Nottingham's statue unveiled HERE and Middlesbrough's ceremony HERE.

Cancer Support

The Brian Clough Memorial Fund has given £2,500 to an appeal for a cancer caring centre in Nottingham. Barbara Clough has given her backing to the plans for a Maggie's centre at the City Hospital (Nottingham Evening Post, October 2009).

Said Mrs Clough: "During difficult times it's essential that the support provided by Maggie's is available to as many people as possible. We sincerely hope the Nottingham centre will become a reality." The memorial fund, which is run by Cloughie's family, has received £20,000 from the sale of replica's of the bronze statue in Nottingham. It has also received the author's proceeds from the tribute book 'Youngman, You've Made My Day.'

Birthday Surprise

Former Newcastle and Sunderland star Bob Moncur has described how Cloughie surprised him with a birthday celebration at Nottingham Forest's City Ground. Moncur told the Newcastle Chronicle (October 2009): "I remember playing there against one of Cloughie's teams and it always felt like a special place.

"One time I went there and it was my birthday and I didn't tell anybody. But just as I was about to get back on the bus, one of the staff at Forest said that 'Mr Clough wants to see you in the players' lounge.' And when I walked in he had his whole team lined up suited and booted with a glass of champagne raised, all of them in unison chirping 'happy birthday Mr Moncur.' It was a special place as I say!"

Trophy Footage

There's now special behind-the-scenes video footage of the Brian Clough Trophy alongside the European Cup at Nottingham Forest's City Ground. The coveted cup is the prize each time Cloughie's former sides, Forest and Derby, play each other. We've got photo's and the exclusive video HERE.

Paul's Cash Hope

Former Cloughie player Paul Hart says he'd like to 'do a Cloughie' and pay the bills at Portsmouth himself. The Pompey boss, who played for the Master Manager at Nottingham Forest, was interviewed by the Daily Mail about how he's coped with the south coast club's financial problems.

"If he had been faced with this situation, Cloughie would have paid the bills himself," said Hart. "I remember a time at Forest when the club was in serious trouble. I think it was the VAT man and the club was facing closure. Cloughie wrote a personal cheque to pay the bill and then went into the directors and screamed 'Don't ever put the club in that position again.' I'd love to do that but I don't have the money!"

Milestone Reached

As we mark the fifth anniversary of Cloughie's death (September 20th), it is fitting that this tribute website has now reached more than a quarter of a million hits. You can look back on the memorial service as well as the civic tribute and the unveiling of the fantastic bronze statue in Nottingham.

We'd like to thank everyone who has visited the site and sent tributes. Please continue to send them. Your memories of meeting the Great Man are also welcome (see below). We'll never forget the Master Manager.

Special Memories

If you were ever lucky enough to meet Cloughie, we'd like to hear your fond memories of being in the Great Man's company. What did he say? Did he make you laugh? Were you full of nerves? We're compiling a collection of memories from fans and some well-known names.

One of the contributions from fans will be picked at random to win a copy of the tribute book 'Young Man, You've Made My Day' signed by Barbara Clough. The author's proceeds will go to the Brian Clough Memorial Fund, which is run by his family and gives money to the types of charitable causes he supported. So, please tell us your story and get in touch HERE.

Trophy Winners

Nottingham Forest won the Brian Clough Trophy for the first time, after a 3-2 win over Derby County at the City Ground (August 29th, 2009). The cup was presented to the Reds' captain Paul McKenna. Each time Cloughie's two former sides meet, the trophy is up for grabs. There's more about the trophy HERE.

Read Twitter Updates

Brian Clough fans can now follow official updates on Twitter, the internet's instant messaging service. As this website celebrates its ninth anniversary, we're pleased to add this extra format for keeping in touch with all things 'Cloughie.' Follow youngman at and there will be an exclusive competition launched soon.

Documentary Nominated

ITV's documentary about Cloughie has been nominated for a national award. Simply entitled 'Clough,' the programme was originally broadcast in March. It featured exclusive interviews with his widow, Barbara, and son Nigel, along with friends and former colleagues including Geoffrey Boycott, Martin OÂ’Neill, Roy McFarland and John McGovern.

The programme has been nominated for a Grierson Award, named after the pioneering documentary maker, John Grierson. It is included in the category for 'Most Entertaining Documentary.' Narrated by the actor Pete Postlethwaite, the programme looked at Cloughie's life and legacy - told by those who knew him best. It aimed to paint an accurate picture of the Great Man - unlike the recent cinematic depiction which has been criticised by his family. The award ceremony will be held in London on November 3rd, 2009. Read more about the documentary HERE.

Win Signed Book

The latest competition on this website is giving you the chance to win a fantastic tribute book signed by Cloughie's captain John McGovern and author Marcus Alton. The foreword of 'Young Man, You've Made My Day' has been written by Barbara Clough. The author's proceeds are going to the Brian Clough Memorial Fund. Enter the competition HERE.

Cheque For Charity

Nottingham's bronze statue of Cloughie has helped to raise thousands of pounds for good causes. The sale of hundreds of miniature replica statues of the Master Manager has raised £20,000 for the Brian Clough Memorial Fund, which is run by his family and gives money to the types of charitable causes he supported.

A cheque was handed over to Cloughie's sons Nigel and Simon at a presentation ceremony next to the bronze statue in Nottingham city centre (July, 2009). Said Nigel: "It's an absolutely tremendous achievement to raise this money through the sale of the little statues. It'll go to good causes in the East Midlands."

Pictured below at the cheque presentation are, left to right, statue fund chairman Paul Ellis, Nigel and Simon Clough, city council leader Jon Collins and Keith Daniell of The Media Group.

Cheque Presentation

The limited edition miniature figures, made from resin, were designed by Les Johnson, the world-renowned sculptor who made the impressive nine-feet high bronze statue which was unveiled by Barbara Clough in Nottingham last November. That statue, costing £70,000, was paid for by fans who set-up a fund raising campaign, smashing through their target in just 18 months.

Following the unveiling of the statue, the miniature figures were put on sale for £100 each. Nearly 1,000 have been sold. Some were bought by fans in Australia, the United States, Norway and Ireland, as well as all over the UK. After artist and production costs are taken into account, all profits are going to the family's memorial fund. The sale of the replicas was managed by the Nottingham-based firm The Media Group. There are no further replicas available.

The chairman of the Brian Clough Statue Fund (which raised the money for the original life-size bronze statue), Paul Ellis, said: "I'm absolutely delighted that the miniature statues have raised so much money for charity. It's fitting that the proceeds are going to the family's memorial fund. It goes to show that the memory of Brian Clough can still help good causes, just as he did when he was alive.

"The impressive bronze statue continues to be a fantastic success story. Hardly a day goes by without people stopping to take photographs of it. In helping to raise money for good causes locally, the statue remains a fitting tribute to a remarkable man."

The statue fund was administered by Nottingham City Council. The authority's leader, Jon Collins, said: "The statue is lasting recognition for a remarkable man who did so much for Nottingham and Nottingham Forest. It's fantastic that fans have in some way been able to give something back to Brian, by helping to support the charities that were close to his heart." See the report of the unveiling day HERE. You can buy statue souvenirs, and help the memorial fund, HERE.

Rice Reflections

A former Cloughie player says he couldn't turn down the golden opportunity to work with the Master Manager. Brian Rice joined Old Big 'Ead at Nottingham Forest and became a cult hero among fans. Many years later, he's returned to his old club Hibernian as Assistant Manager. Reflecting on his move to the City Ground, he told the Scotsman newspaper (July, 2009): "I could have stayed at Hibs and, looking back now, I should may be have stayed another year. But Brian Clough was the lure, no mistake about it.

"I had the chance of going to two or three other clubs but the lure of working with Clough was just something you couldn't turn down. If I didn't go I may be wouldn't have had the chance to work with a man like that and working with him and under his style of play was probably the best decision I ever made."