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World Cup Glory

Designers have created a special picture of Brian Clough especially for the World Cup. The image shows Cloughie being held shoulder-high as he grasps the World Cup trophy, suggesting what could have been achieved if the Master Manager had become England boss.

The picture, which is featured on the front cover of the Nottingham-based Left Lion magazine, was produced by artists at the design company With their kind permission, a close-up version has been re-produced on the home page of this website.

Statue Update

The unveiling of the latest statue in tribute to Brian Clough has now been put back to August. It had originally been hoped that the sculpture in Derby would be unveiled in July, but sources close to the project say there'll be an unveiling ceremony during the following month.

Derby County are still hoping fans will contribute towards the cost of the £125,000 statue, which will also feature Cloughie's assistant Peter Taylor. The pair enjoyed their first major success together at Derby, where Taylor ended his career after leaving Nottingham Forest. The statue follows successful Clough statue projects in Nottingham and Middlesbrough, where fans raised thousands of pounds for the sculptures.

Video Interview

Former England international Roy McFarland has paid a special tribute to Brian Clough. In an exclusive video interview for this website, the former Cloughie player says working with the Great Man for six years was the best time in his career.

"The minute I signed for him, he drew an unbelievable picture of what would happen with my career," said McFarland. "I had absolutely no idea that what he was saying would happen and it did happen for me. I did play for England and we did have success." Watch the video HERE.

European Memories

A former Cloughie player has described how Brian took his players away on holiday to prepare them for the European Cup final exactly thirty years ago. Gary Mills was still a teenager when he played in the Forest side which beat Hamburg to retain the cup.

Said Mills (May, 2010): "Even by the age of 18, I had my eyes opened to his unusual methods and this time the squad spent a week away in Cala Millor, Majorca. We partied for a week. We didn't do any training. The idea was that it would relax us. And it worked." Read more memories on the Daily Mail website.

Quote Me On That

Brian Clough fans say a national newspaper made a big mistake when it failed to give a famous Cloughie quote the recognition it deserved. The Daily Mail website published its Top 50 managerial quotes - but Cloughie finished third, behind a quote containing bad language from Alex Ferguson.

Cloughie's quote was the unrivalled: "I wouldn't say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one." It was originally highlighted by this website from a regional TV interview conducted after Brian retired. One fan said: "Everyone knows Cloughie produced the best quotes of all time. I can't believe they chose Ferguson's words above them. The Scotsman's quote relies on bad language, which I suppose says it all really." Another fan commented: "They may not have put Cloughie's quote at the top of their list, but it should certainly be in the top one."

A Clough Lesson

Cloughie's former right-back Viv Anderson has described another classic anecdote involving the Great Man. Anderson, who became the first black footballer to be capped by England, remembers how Brian taught him not to be defeated by racists - getting the message across in his own special way.

Anderson describes how he was warming-up as a substitute along the touchline at Carlisle in the mid-70's. Racists were throwing fruit at him and he retreated to the dug-out to take his place next to Clough. 'I thought I told you to warm-up,' said the manager. 'I have done, boss,' replied Anderson. 'But they're throwing bananas, apples and pears at me.' Clough stared back. 'Well, get your **** back out there then and fetch me two pears and a banana!'

Anderson reflects (Daily Mail, April 2010): "It was Cloughie's way of having a bit of fun with what was a racist act. But he also meant that there was no point me sitting next to him cowering. He pulled me over afterwards and said, 'If you let people like that dictate to you, I'm going to pick somebody else because you're going to be worrying about what the fans are going to say.' I was 19. After that, I made sure there was nothing, whatever people shouted, that would have a bearing on what I did."

Brian's Number One

A former Cloughie player says Brian was a better manager than Alex Ferguson. Viv Anderson played for both bosses during an impressive career in which he became the first black player to be capped for England.

Anderson won consecutive European Cups with Cloughie before becoming Ferguson's first signing at Manchester United after he decided to leave Arsenal. He says both managers had great self-belief, but Cloughie was the best (reports The Sun newspaper, April 2010).

He said: "I would just take Brian Clough because he won back-to-back European Cups with a club that had average gates of 19,000 and was going nowhere when he arrived."

Nigel's Book Case

Cloughie's son Nigel has revealed he's never read a book about his Dad. In an interview with The Times (April 2010) Nigel explains why: "Well, first of all because it upsets you and you can't do anything about it and a lot of the stuff is plainly untrue.

"It's like 'The Damned United' ... the number of people who have said, 'Oh, I've seen that film about your Dad, it was great,' as if we've contributed or collaborated with the film in some way. And I say, 'Well, you do realise it's all complete fiction. The person who wrote it never met my dad in his life!' So it's just these misconceptions."

Nigel also speaks about how his family still miss Brian immensely. Asked for his fondest memory, he responds: "The last few years with the grandchildren, that's the bit you miss, not the football stuff, that's inconsequential in the greater scheme of things. They [the grandchildren] miss him and still talk about him. It's very hard . . ." His voice cracks with emotion. "We went down and put some flowers on a plaque in the village church where we live [a few weeks ago]. It was his birthday. He would have been 75."

Keane's Tribute

Former Cloughie player Roy Keane says the Great Man's presence can still be felt around Nottingham Forest's City Ground. Keane's career in English football was launched by Clough - and the Irishman is full of praise for his former boss, describing him once again as a genius.

Keane was speaking ahead of his Ipswich side's visit to the City Ground (April 2010). "I went back before with Sunderland and I could feel the man in the building, especially when I walked into the dressing room area," said Keane during a news conference.

Keane says he loved his three years working with Clough. "A brilliant, brilliant manager. The man was a genius. He was good to me, good to my family, he never lied to me, he treated me with respect and gave me time off when I was homesick. He didn't give me too much money early on, he was clever like that, a clever, clever man. He knew his football and on top of that he had good coaching staff."

The Blues boss says Clough didn't overcomplicate the game. "What I remember most about him was how he kept it simple. But maybe that was just with me because he felt that was all I could understand! Before my debut at Liverpool he said, 'All I want you to do is pass to a red shirt,' we were playing in red that day. I said, 'I think I can do that' and I did it for the next 17 or 18 years, passing and moving."

Keane added: "You look what Brian Clough achieved and it's scary. Winning the European Cup back to back with a club like Forest, unbelievable. I don't think we'll ever appreciate what the man did."

Moore Memories

Archive footage has been released showing Cloughie making a special presentation to his friend and commentator, the late Brian Moore. Filmed after an interview in his garden, the Master Manager bursts into song to express his admiration of Moore.

Speaking to the camera, Cloughie says he feels like Michael Aspel on This is Your Life as he carries the surprise present of a huge framed cartoon of Moore which is surrounded by the signatures of some of the big names in football, including Sir Stanley Matthews and Tommy Lawton.

Describing Moore, Clough says: "He's survived in the game, a hard game, for so long it's incredible - the reason he's survived is he's a charming man and what's more important, he's good at his job." As he presents the gift to his friend, Clough sings, "Wonderful, marvellous, that you should care for me..." And later adds: "You're the only commentator that Barbara can listen to without getting irritated." Watch the classic video clip on the Dailymotion website HERE.

The Number One

TV sports presenter Gary Newbon has paid tribute to Cloughie in an exclusive interview for this website. Gary describes the Master Manager as his 'Number One' interviewee during 42 years working in television. "I never knew what was gong to happen on the interviews, but I knew he was going to have a fantastic impact," he says.

Gary also reveals that after he came out of hospital following a serious illness, the first letter he opened was a handwritten note from Cloughie. "I've got that framed - it was something special," he says. You can watch the video of Gary HERE.

Signed Book

Our latest competition gives you the chance to win a signed book. Cloughie's former Chief Scout, Maurice Edwards, has written the inside story of working with the Great Man - and has signed our competition prize 'with best wishes.' The hardback book retails at £16.99. Enter the competition HERE.

The Real Mackay

Brian Clough's former captain, Dave Mackay, has won damages after being inaccurately portrayed in a film. Mackay was unhappy with his portrayal in the movie The Damned United, which has also been criticised by the Clough family.

The film showed Mackay breaking the players' revolt at Derby County, which had started in 1973 in an attempt to get Clough reinstated following his resignation. But Mackay had actually left the club at that time.

"They twisted it," Mackay told The Times newspaper (March 2010). "I would never have done anything that was disloyal to him (Clough). I wasn't even at Derby at that time." Former Leeds player Johnny Giles has already sued the publishers of the book over the way he was portrayed. There's more about The Panned United HERE.

Double Top

Cloughie's former Chief Scout has revealed how he beat the Great Man at darts - and Brian vowed never to play him again. "He just liked to win, that's the way he was," said Maurice Edwards in an exclusive interview for this website.

Brian and Maurice were on their way back from a scouting mission to Bournemouth when they stopped at a village pub. "Brian asked the landlord for two sets of darts, then he said to me 'I like to play for money, it makes it more interesting' - so we played for one-pound."

But what Brian didn't know was that Maurice was an accomplished darts player. "I won the first game - and then Brian said 'Right, it's double or quits, we'll play another game.'" This time, Maurice played even better and won again. "He said, 'here's your two pounds - and I'll never play you again.' And he never did. That is how much winning at anything meant to Brian."

Maurice, who worked with Clough at every club he managed, has written a fascinating book which describes exactly what happened behind the scenes while working for the Master Manager. We'll be offering a hardback copy of the book as a prize in out latest competition very soon. Read more about the book HERE.

Costa Cloughie

A Cloughie fan has sent us a tribute about the Great Man - from Costa Rica. Federico Carrera Rivas e-mailed from the Costa Rican capital San Jose. "I am a fan of English football, and wanted to give all respect to one of the greatest coaches in the world, Old Big 'Ead. Simply the best, Brian Clough. Thanks for what he gave to football. Greetings from Costa Rica." Don't forget, you can send your memories and tributes about the Master Manager, for possible publication. Find out more HERE.

Classic Footage

Vintage film footage of Cloughie's first day at Nottingham Forest has been released. It dates back to January 1975 and shows Clough shaking hands with chairman Jim Wilmer. There is then an interview with ATV's Trevor East on the City Ground pitch.

Clough tells East that the challenge facing him at Forest is not 'an overnight job' but he says the potential at the club is far greater than when he took over at Derby. "The potential is one of the most exciting parts of joining the club," he says. "They're not getting very good gates at the moment, but we hope they will improve." The footage is available to watch thanks to the Media Archive for Central England HERE. Take part in their survey to win a DVD HERE (the prize draw is not connected to this website).

Statue Update

There are hopes that Derby's long-awaited tribute to Brian Clough will be unveiled in July this year. The bronze statue will stand outside Derby County's Pride Park stadium, where officials say they're hoping fans will help to pay for the £125,000 tribute (Derby Evening Telegraph, February 2010).

The club has already commissioned Andy Edwards to make the statue, which will also feature Clough's assistant, Peter Taylor - the pair enjoyed their first major success together at Derby, where Taylor ended his career after leaving Nottingham Forest. The memorial will see them holding the league championship trophy. The project follows successful Clough statue projects in Nottingham and Middlesbrough, where fans raised thousands of pounds for the sculptures.

Mr Motivator

Former Cloughie player Brian Laws believes Martin O'Neill is the nearest the modern game can get to the management style of the Great Man. Laws says O'Neill, who was also a player under Clough, has superb motivational skills.

"If I could say anyone was close to Brian Clough's management, it would be him," said Laws, now the manager at Premiership Burnley. "He would say there is no-one near Brian Clough, he was a one-off, and I don't think he would want to be likened to him.

"But the way he sets about things and motivates his players is the key factor in their success. He is more of a self-motivator. He makes the players play out of their skins and that is something that is unique." Laws was speaking before his side's 5-2 defeat by O'Neill's Aston Villa (February, 2010).

Competition Extended

We've now extended the deadline for our latest competition, which offers a rare Cloughie prize. As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations we're giving you the chance to win a tribute book signed by the Great Man's sister Doreen and the author. So far we've had entries from around the UK and the United States. Don't miss out! Enter the competition HERE.

Spotlight on Statue

The Cloughie statue in Nottingham was dressed in a giant green sweater as part of celebrations for the city's 'Light Night' event (February 12, 2010). The green jumper was made especially for the nine-foot high bronze sculpture. The stunning figure was also lit-up in 'Cloughie green' to match his famous sweater. It's the second time the statue has donned the giant piece of clothing.

The green sweater was made by workers from the city council's community wardrobe department, who matched the colour of the jumper with one of the tribute sweatshirts sold by the city's statue fund to ensure the special garment was 'Cloughie green.' They also created the impressive green drape which was used to unveil the statue in November, 2008. The £70,000 for the statue was raised by fans. See more photo's and a new video of the statue dressed in the green jumper HERE.

New Book

A forthcoming book promises to shed more light on what it was like to work with Brian Clough. The Master Manager's Chief Scout, Maurice Edwards, has penned the book which has a foreword by TV presenter Gary Newbon. We've received a special preview copy.

Edwards worked with Clough at every club he managed. He recalls how Brian once asked a referee to stop a pre-season match, so he could watch his new signing - Roy Keane. Brian went to watch the game, in Sutton in Ashfield, and sent instructions to coach Archie Gemmill for Keane to play in midfield for the second half of the match.

Edwards explained: "The second half kicked-off without Roy Keane. Brian jumped out of his seat and shouted 'There's no Irishman!' He jumped over the low fence onto the pitch and asked the referee, Brian Saunders, to stop the game. Brian yelled to the bench, 'Young Gemmill off, Irishman get on!' (Scot Gemmill was Archie's son). Roy showed his qualities and Brian was very impressed with what he saw. After the game, Brian reminded Archie with a few choice words that when he gave orders, they were to be carried out."

This fascinating book tells the inside story of what it was like to work with the Master Manager. 'A Right Pair - 21 Years With Clough and Taylor' is published in March by DB Publishing and costs £16.99. We'll have more about the book in the coming weeks.

Trophy Match

Nigel Clough has won the trophy named in his Dad's memory. Nigel's Derby County side regained the Brian Clough Trophy after a 1-0 win over Nottingham Forest on January 30th, 2010. The trophy is the prize each time Cloughie's two former clubs play each other. There's more about the trophy HERE.

The Thumbs Up

The Master Manager would enjoy watching his former club Forest flying high in the Championship, according to Cloughie author Marcus Alton. Writing his regular column in the Reds match-day programme for the game against QPR (January, 2010) Alton wrote: "If Brian Clough is looking down on the City Ground and watching over his old club, I'm sure he'll be quietly nodding his approval. Well, probably not quietly!

"Without a shadow of doubt, he'd enjoy the way the players pass the ball on the ground, launching swift counter-attacks, and treating the ball as their friend. He'd enjoy the fact Forest have conceded only three goals in their last eight league matches, taking the unbeaten run in the Championship to 18 games. Then he'd wag that finger and remind everyone that he led the Reds to 42 league games without defeat!" Forest's 5-0 win over QPR took the unbeaten run to 19.

Having A Laugh

A former Cloughie player has revealed how preparations for matches were so relaxed, the Master Manager even brought a comedian into the dressing room. Garry Birtles told the Sun newspaper (January, 2010) that claims Brian ruled by fear were "a load of rubbish."

"We did all our preparation during the week and, on match-days, the dressing room was totally relaxed," said Birtles. "One day he even brought comedian Frank Carson into the dressing room before a game!"

Vintage Footage

Archive footage has been released showing Cloughie making one of his key signings. It dates back to 1971 when Brian signed Colin Todd at Derby County for a club record fee of £170,000. "We see ability, class and progress," says the Master Manager.

Cloughie explains that he first spotted Todd in the youth team at Sunderland. The interviewer for ATV, Jeff Farmer, suggests that Todd could be the England captain in the 1974 World Cup. "He's got to get into our side before he gets into any England side," says Clough. Of course, Todd became an England star. The clip is available to watch thanks to the Media Archive for Central England HERE.

Exclusive Souvenirs

There's a new Cloughie souvenir on sale - to mark the 10th anniversary year of this website. Sold with Mrs Clough's approval, the limited edition key-rings are in the shape of Brian's famous green jumper and feature his signature and famous message 'Be Good' which he used to write in books, all carefully re-created in his handwriting style.

These fantastic key-rings are exclusive to this website. Each purchase will help charity, with 50p from each sale going to the Brian Clough Memorial Fund - which is run by his family and gives money to the types of good causes he supported. You'll also be helping the running costs of this non profit making website. There are also other souvenirs to buy. See them all HERE.

Big Match

Brian Clough is one of the stars in archive footage released by ITV. In the 'Big Match' DVD the Master Manager appears in the TV studio with host Brian Moore. There are various clips featuring the Great Man back in 1973.

Cloughie talks about the reports linking him with signing England's Bobby Moore and there's the vintage clip of the surprise message from his hero Muhammad Ali. Brian even offers advice to young players on how to deal with blisters on their feet. The DVD, produced by ITV Sport, is now on sale.

Special Competition

Our latest competition - the first of our 10th anniversary year - is offering a rare prize. It's a tribute book signed by Cloughie's sister Doreen and the author. Enter the competition HERE.

Labour of Love

It's emerged that Cloughie was seen as a potential ally to help Labour defeat Margaret Thatcher in the 1979 General Election. National Archive files reportedly show political advisers wanted Prime Minister Jim Callaghan to appear on TV with the Master Manager, a staunch socialist.

"Brian Clough and Marjorie Proops are possibles, (Elton John is said to be Labour, but has a complicated image)", said the recently-released briefing document. The news is contained in a series of documents from thirty years ago, now disclosed by National Archives.