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Actor's Support

Cloughie actor Colin Tarrant has donned one of the special 'Old Big 'Ead' sweatshirts to give further backing to Nottingham's statue fund. Colin stars in the tribute play which is on a national tour before returning to the Nottingham Playhouse.

The sweatshirts are being sold to raise money for the statue fund and will be available to buy at the various venues during the play's run until June 10th. Green sweatshirt badges will also be on sale to help boost the fund.

Colin Tarrant

Colin was part of the statue fund launch event in June 2005 and was more than happy to wear one of the specially-designed sweaters which have recently been produced. The play, 'Old Big 'Ead in the Spirit of the Man' returns to the Nottingham Playhouse on May 16th, when the first night will be a gala performance to raise money for the statue fund.

Said Colin, "Anything we can do in a practical way to help raise funds for such a terrific idea has got to be a good thing. I hope we can help make it a reality and I'm very pleased to be part of it." To mark the return of the play, there's a special competition HERE. There's more about the play, including a new exclusive interview with Colin, HERE.

On-line Auctions

A rare piece of Cloughie memorabilia has been sold in an on-line auction to raise money for the statue fund in Nottingham. The large banner, which was part of the Memorial Service broadcast worldwide from the Old Market Square, fetched 870. It features a picture of the Great Man alongside one of his most famous quotes.

The wording on the banner is typical Cloughie. In response to a reporter's question about how he handled players who disagreed with him, he replied: "We talk about it for 20 minutes and then we decide I was right." There are more details about the banner auction, including a photo, HERE. Read more about the statue fund HERE.

Also up for auction to raise money for the fund was a football signed by the Leicester City squad. The ball was in a presentation case and was donated by the city's Toyota dealership Farmer and Carlisle, who were match ball sponsors at the Walkers Stadium. It fetched over 100. More info HERE.

Fan's Hair Cut

A Cloughie fan is heeding Old Big 'Ead's famous message 'Get your hair cut, young man' to raise money for a statue of the Master Manager. Liam Smyth, who's had long hair for over 15 years, is being sponsored to have his locks chopped for the statue fund in Nottingham.

Liam, who's 35, said: "I have a huge amount of respect for Mr Clough and I'd been thinking for a while about how I could raise some money towards the statue. And given how the Great Man used to insist on his players having a sensible short back-and-sides, getting sponsored to have all my hair chopped off seemed like a fitting way of doing my bit."

There's more about Liam's fund-raising effort HERE, including on-line sponsorship. Read more about the statue fund HERE.

Badge Success

New badges to raise money for a statue of Cloughie have become an international hit. Orders have been received from around the world for the limited edition pin badges in the shape of Cloughie's famous green sweatshirt. Fans are being urged to buy them while they still can -- they'll be available at the City Ground before Nottingham Forest's final few home matches in the 2005/2006 season.

The badges have been specially designed to complement the original 'Old Big 'Ead' badges which were launched last year. Instead of featuring the front of the green jersey, they show the back -- with 'Cloughie' written in gold across the top, along with the figure of a big number one below. Only 5,000 have been made.

On-line orders have been received from the United States, Australia and Spain, as well as from all over the UK. They're being sold for the Brian Clough Statue Fund which aims to raise around 60,000 for a statue of the Master Manager in a prominent location in Nottingham city centre.

The fund's chairman Paul Ellis said he was delighted with the sales of the new badges. "The orders we've received just go to show how much Brian Clough was loved and respected by fans around the world." said Paul. "The response also demonstrates how important it is to have a lasting tribute at which fans from home and abroad can pay homage in years to come. We are hoping to have a special scuplture which will be accessible twenty four hours a day and not locked behind gates."

For more details, including how to order badges on-line, visit the statue fund page HERE. There's more about the badge launch HERE.

Dinner Date

A special fund-raising dinner is to be held to boost Nottingham's statue fund. The star-studded event will be held in the Ballroom of Nottingham's Council House, the scene of many trophy celebrations for Cloughie's teams.

Invited guests include members of the Clough family and former Nottingham Forest stars. Topping the list of guest speakers will be the former Clough player and Reds legend Duncan McKenzie - now a highly-respected after dinner entertainer.

There will also be an appearance by cast members from Nottingham's tribute play, including the star Colin Tarrant. An auction of special memorabilia will also be held.

The chairman of the Brian Clough Statue Committee, Paul Ellis, said he hoped the dinner would help to give the fund a big boost. "It promises to be a fantastic and memorable evening. Some of the players who worked closely with Brian Clough will be there and I am sure it will be a fitting tribute to a remarkable man."

Tickets for this Gala Dinner on the evening of Wednesday, June 7th, 2006 are now on sale by post and on-line, at a cost of 40 each (plus 2 admin charge for on-line purchases). The cost includes a canape reception and four-course dinner. Cheques should be made payable to 'Nottingham City Council - Brian Clough Statue Fund' and sent C/O Paul J. Ellis, PKF, Accountants & Business Advisers, Regent House, Clinton Avenue, Nottingham, NG5 1AZ. Each table seats ten people but there is no minimum number required. More details HERE.

Gala Night

Cloughie actor Colin Tarrant has said it's fitting that the return of the tribute play will help to raise cash for Nottingham's statue fund. A gala performance of 'Old Big 'Ead in the Spirit of the Man' will be held on May 16th, 2006, with proceeds going to the fund.

"It will be a great night," Colin told this website in an exclusive interview. "Anything we can do in a practical way to help raise funds for such a terrific idea has got to be a good thing." The play will go on a national tour before returning to the Nottingham Playhouse, where the first night will be the gala performance. Read more from this intreview HERE.

Badge Boost

A new limited edition badge has gone on sale to boost the Cloughie statue fund in Nottingham. The new-style pin badges have been specially designed to complement the highly popular 'Old Big 'Ead' badges launched last year. Instead of featuring the front of Cloughie's famous green sweater, they show the back - with 'Cloughie' written in gold across the top, along with the figure of a big number one below.

The new badges, costing 2 each, were launched on Saturday January 14th, 2006, before Nottingham Forest's match against Oldham. Hundreds were sold in just two hours. They are also available at other venues, on-line and by post. There are more details of how to buy them HERE.

The fund's chairman Paul Ellis said the badges were a perfect match for the original design which featured 'Old Big 'Ead' across the chest. "I'm sure they'll again become quite a collectors item. In his famous quote, Cloughie himself said he wasn't the best manager in the business but he was in the top one. For many fans he will always be the number one and this new badge is a fitting reminder of what an outstanding man and manager he was."

Burton Boys

The chairman of Burton Albion says Brian Clough would have been proud to see his son's non-league Brewers side hold Premiership Manchester United to a goal-less draw in the FA Cup. Ben Robinson told The Sun newspaper (January 9th, 2006): "He would be so proud of Nigel over this result. He'd be proud of Burton Albion too. That's the sort of person Brian was."

The Sun's John Sadler said it was clear Nigel had gleaned so much from his father. "Although Clough Jnr has purposely steered clear of many of Brian's characteristics, there are similarities in the way he carries out the demands of football management. All those watching the events at Burton would have been struck by the flawless behaviour of Clough's players - even in the face of seemingly unjustified decisions by the referee. They would have been impressed by the team's determination to play neat, attractive football despite the overwhelming nature of the opposition."

Sadler, who worked closely with the Master Manager, concluded that Cloughie would have had one or two things to say after the match. "If the old man had been looking down on Sunday, he would now be telling us: 'Burton did our Nige proud. They played the right way, they kept a clean sheet and they didn't argue. Hey - and they should have had a penalty."

Fund Boost

The statue fund in Nottingham has reached more than 20,000, thanks to the sales of special Cloughie sweatshirts. There's been a huge demand for the green sweaters, which feature the words 'Old Big 'Ead' as part of an embroidered badge. More have been produced after the initial batch of 100 sold out.

Costing just 20.00, the jumpers are still on sale at the City Information Centre in Nottingham (on Smithy Row, next to the Council House). Many fans bought sweaters from the supporters club office at the City Ground before Forest's match against Walsall on Saturday (December 10th). Among those keen to buy one and support the fund was Cloughie's former secretary at the City Ground, Carole Washington. Money raised is going to the fund for a statue of the Great Man in Nottingham.

The chairman of the fund, Paul Ellis, said he hoped the sweaters would be at the top of every fans' Chistmas present list. "The initial sales have exceeded all our expectations. Of course, Cloughie loved wearing his green sweater and we hope fans will wear these with pride, knowing they are making a valuable contribution to the efforts for a lasting tribute to a remarkable man."

You can take a look at a sweater and read more about the launch and current sales HERE.

Money raised for the fund has also come from donations, events, the sale of limited edition badges and the auctioning-off of special banners displayed at Nottingham's civic tribute to the Great Man. Further banners featuring priceless quotes will be auctioned in 2006. Thanks to everyone who has supported the fund since its launch in June, 2005. The latest on the statue fund is HERE.

Play On Tour

More details have been released about the national tour for the Cloughie play, 'Old Big 'Ead in The Spirit of the Man'. Colin Tarrant will once again take the starring role of the Master Manager, which he portrays brilliantly. The tour will start in Leicester on March 14th, 2006, and visit various theatres before a grand home-coming at the Nottingham Playhouse in May.

The production originally played to packed houses last June. Now it's hoped the tour will be just as successful. Said playwright Stephen Lowe: "I am delighted it's going ahead because the first run was such an extraordinary event. I am not saying what the ending for the play that tours will be yet, but it will be just as funny." There are more details about the play (including exclusive interviews) and the tour dates HERE.

Charity Dinner

A dinner in tribute to Cloughie has raised more than twenty-thousand pounds for charity. Members of the Clough family attended the event in Nottingham. Former Forest stars were also there, including John Robertson, Ian Bowyer and Garry Birtles.

Brian's son Nigel paid tribute to his Dad and was asked about why he was always referred to by Cloughie as 'the number nine.' "It was to send out a message to everyone that no-one was special," said Nigel. "He could make you feel ten feet tall one minute, and then two feet tall probably in the same sentence. But he usually got it right." Read more about the dinner HERE.


Plans have been announced for a special five-a-side football competition to raise money for the Brian Clough Statue Fund in Nottingham. Teams are being sought for the tournament in which prizes include season tickets and up to 750.

The knock-out tournament will be held at the Harvey Hadden Sports Complex in Nottingham. Teams will be required to raise 100 in sponsorship towards the fund. More details HERE.

Legends Night

Three of Cloughie's legendary players were reunited to help raise cash for a statue of the Master Manager. A football forum was held at Forest's City Ground (November 3rd, 2005). Guests included the European Cup-winning captain John McGovern, alongside Kenny Burns and Nigel Jemson. Joining them on the panel was John Lawson, the only journalist who worked closely with Cloughie throughout his 18-year reign at Forest.

Speaking about the Master Manager, Burns said: "He was the best. I miss him. I miss his quips. I used to live near him and he always made me laugh. It's a sadder place without him." There are photo's and quotes from the event HERE.

Auction for Rare Banner

A special piece of Cloughie memorabilia has been sold for 770 to help raise money for Nottingham's statue fund. An on-line auction was launched for a rare banner which was part of a civic tribute.

The double-sided banner was hung outside Nottingham's Council House. It features a picture of Cloughie alongside one of his famous quotes, referring to the fact he was overlooked for the England manager's job despite being the people's choice.

The quote reads: "I'm sure England selectors thought if they took me on and gave me the job, I'd want to run the show. They were shrewd because that's exactly what I would have done."

The successful bidder will also be offered the opportunity of having the banner presented to them by a former Forest star at a special football forum at the City Ground. The forum is also raising money for the Brian Clough Statue Fund. More details about the banner HERE.

Collection Boosts Fund

A big matchday collection for a statue of Brian Clough in Nottingham has raised more than four-thousand pounds. A team of volunteers received donations from fans around the City Ground before the match on Saturday (October 15th, 2005) between Nottingham Forest and Hartlepool - the club where Cloughie began his managerial career forty years ago.

The chairman of the Brian Clough Statue Committee, Paul Ellis, said: "We're absolutely delighted with the response from supporters. We'd like to thank Nottingham Forest and Hartlepool fans for being so generous. This has given the fund a big boost." The collection takes the fund's total to 17,000, which has been raised in just four months.

Donate On-Line

Fans can now donate to Nottingham's statue fund on-line as well as by post. The new credit card facility has been offered by the website 'Lost That Loving Feeling', which is backing the statue campaign. Donations will be forwarded to the statue fund. You can contribute HERE.

Meanwhile, a Nottingham artist is making his own contribution to the fund. Neil Heath painted a portrait of Cloughie and is donating 1.50 for each limited edition print signed by the artist himself. You can order from Neil direct. The latest on the statue fund is HERE.