On-line auction launched for Cloughie banner


Cloughie fans were offered the chance to own a unique piece of history celebrating the life of the legendary football manager Brian Clough. An on-line auction was launched to sell a special banner which was part of a civic tribute after he died last year. It sold for £970.

The double-sided banner was specially made for Nottingham City Council and was hung outside the city’s Council House. It features a picture of Cloughie alongside his famous quote: “If God had wanted us to play football in the clouds, he’d have put grass up there.”

The successful bidder will also be offered the opportunity of having the banner presented to them pitch-side at Nottingham Forest’s City Ground before a home match (on a mutually convenient date in the next two months). They will also be offered two match tickets for the game, courtesy of Nottingham Forest. The banner itself does not feature any club emblems, so should appeal to fans of any club.

Proceeds from the auction on eBay will go to the Brian Clough Statue Fund, which aims to raise £60,000 for a statue of the Master Manager in Nottingham city centre. The banner has been kindly donated to the fund’s committee by the city council, which supports and administers the fund.

The chairman of the committee, Paul Ellis, said the banner was part of a special civic tribute to a remarkable man. “The outpouring of affection and admiration for Brian Clough after he died showed how he touched the lives of thousands of people around the world. Now fans have the chance to bid for a rare piece of Cloughie history.”

The banner is one of a small number which were made for the City Council and displayed in the city centre as part of a Memorial Service which received worldwide media attention. This particular banner is the only one of its size featuring this quote.

Another member of the statue committee, Rich Fisher, said: “This banner is sure to be much sought-after by many football fans. It will be on e-Bay for ten days, so fans will have to be quick to ensure their bids are registered.”

View the auction on eBay HERE.

There are photos of the statue fund's launch (including the handover of the banners) HERE.