Nottm's Statue Fund

Mrs Clough thanks fans who backed statue fund

Brian Clough's wife, Barbara, has praised the volunteers who raised nearly 70,000 for a statue of the Master Manager in Nottingham city centre. Mrs Clough said Brian would have been "absolutely amazed" at the idea of a statue and she gave special thanks to all the fans who supported the fund-raisers.

The Brian Clough Statue Fund in Nottingham smashed through its 60,000 target in December 2006, following donations of 5,000 each from Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Forest. Their contributions took the fund's total to 69,000.

In a special message on behalf of her family, Mrs Clough said: "We are all so touched that so many people were behind the venture, from the people who bought the badges and key-rings to the ones who have worked hard behind the scenes.

"Brian himself would be absolutely amazed at the idea of a statue. I can hear him saying, 'Blow me - I can't believe it!' I know it would have brought a lump to his throat. All I can say, on behalf of his children, grandchildren and his brothers and sisters is a huge and sincere thank you."

Mrs Clough with website editor Marcus Alton

Mrs Clough added: "All the fund's committee members and chairman Paul Ellis have contributed so much, as have other people behind the scenes who have given their time so generously from the start. Also, the support of ex-players and the actor Colin Tarrant has always been given so willingly," said Mrs Clough.

Colin Tarrant, who took the role of Cloughie in the tribute play at Nottingham Playhouse, was part of the fund's launch event in June 2005. Mrs Clough also thanked Councillor Jon Collins, the leader of the city council, which administered the fund; and the Forest chairman Nigel Doughty who sponsored a fund-raising Gala Dinner at the Council House in June. Mrs Clough also praised the organisers of the Clough Aid music event which raised 2,000 in December.

Money was raised in many ways, including special events, on-line auctions of memorabila, donations and limited edition merchandise such as badges and key-rings in the shape of Cloughie's famous green sweatshirt. The fund also sold 'Old Big 'Ead' green tribute sweaters.

The process of finding a sculptor is already underway, with eighteen submissions having been received from interested artists.