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There was huge media interest in Brian Clough's autobiography, Walking On Water. In the book he speaks for the first time in depth about his drink problem and how he dealt with it. The Master Manager gives a fascinating account of his life and tells how he found a new calm after retiring from management. A special edition has now been published and we will have a review soon.

In 2002, a series of signing sessions was organised for the launch of the original book, at which fans were able to meet The Great Man and buy a copy of the book, personally signed. The first was at Asda in West Bridgford, Nottingham, on Saturday August 17th. Hundreds of fans turned-up to see him. They broke into spontaneous applause and chanted his name as he walked into the supermarket's main entrance.

Fans had queued for hours to see their hero. The Master Manager presented a bottle of champagne to one lucky couple who were at the front of the queue. Marcus Alton and Sarah Clarke had been waiting for nearly five hours to meet their hero.

"You're trying to get me back on the bottle, aren't you?" Cloughie joked as he presented the gift. "I used to bathe in this stuff and have a glass or two when we won. But then I'd have a glass or two if we lost, to drown my sorrows."

"But you didn't lose many, Mr Clough" said Sarah. "That's right. I had a good run, pet," Cloughie replied with a smile.

In the book Clough says, in the past, drink impaired his judgement and worried his family. He has vowed not to touch alcohol again. Marcus told Old Big 'Ead it was great to see him looking well. "I'm feeling well, son," he replied. "I've got five grandchildren...and they run me ragged."

During the following four weeks, the Master Manager also appeared at the City Ground and Pride Park to sign books, as well as travelling to his home town of Middlesbrough. He also signed books in Sunderland and watched the Middlesbrough-Sunderland match. At a signing session at East Midlands Airport, he was joined by his son, Nigel, the player manager at Burton Albion. Other sessions are listed below.

If you attended one of the signing sessions, e-mail your photo's and stories about meeting The Great Man. E-MAIL HERE

The full list of signing sessions conducted by Cloughie was as follows:

Saturday August 17th: Asda, West Bridgford, Nottingham
Saturday August 24th: Pride Park Stadium, Derby
Tuesday August 27th: Waterstones, Derby
Wednesday August 28th: WH Smith, Victoria Centre, Nottingham
Thursday August 29th: Ottakars, Burton-on-Trent
Friday August 30th: Books Plus, East Midlands Airport
Tuesday September 3rd: Hammicks, Warren Street, Stockport (13.00-14.30) and Books Etc, Trafford Centre, Manchester (17.00-18.00)
Thursday September 5th: Books Etc, Canary Wharf, London (13.00-14.30) and Borders, Oxford Street, London (18.30-20.00)
Tuesday September 10th: Waterstones, Middlesbrough
Wednesday September 11th: Ottakars, Sunderland
Friday September 13th: City Ground, Nottingham Forest

A number of extra dates have been announced in the run-up to Christmas:

Tuesday December 3rd: WH Smith, Listergate, Nottingham (1200-1330)
Wednesday December 4th: Ottakars, Burton-on-Trent (1230-1400)
Saturday December 7th: Asda, Spondon, Derby (1130-1330)
Friday December 20th: Merchandise Store, City Ground, Nottingham (1200-1400)

Most dates supplied by publishers, Headline.



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