"I'm not saying I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one."

That's the comment voted as the top all-time quote by fans of Old Big 'Ead. More than one-thousand people took part in the on-line poll conducted by this website. Over sixty per cent voted for this one.

Clough's wit and wisdom are second to none and his fans appreciate his plain-speaking. The response to the poll has been tremendous.

Among the other favourties was a remark referring to Manchester United's decision to pull-out of a previous FA Cup competition and play in the World Club Championship in Brazil instead.

Clough commented: "Manchester United in Brazil? I hope they all get bloody diarrhoea."

Another classic quote came when he commented on the content of Posh Spice's lost luggage. "Who the hell wants fourteen pairs of shoes when they go on holiday? I haven't had fourteen pairs in my life."

There are many more classic quotes HERE. Some voters suggested other quotes they had either heard him say or read about over the years. A few of them are listed below.

The poll was also run as a competition, with one lucky winner being picked at random from the list of voters for the top quote. The prize is a bronze coin produced especially to celebrate Clough's magnificent achievements. Thanks to the sculptor Gordon Brown for donating the prize. You can find out more about the Brian Clough Collection HERE.

The winner is: Burt Bailey from Llandudno in North Wales.

Another competition will be launched soon.

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Just some of the many suggestions not included on the quotes page: 

When Brian got into bed and Barbara remarked "God, your feet are cold!" and Brian replied "You can call me Brian in bed dear...."  From Clare Stubbs, Derby. 

"I'm not saying Brian Rice is pale and thin, but I'm telling you, the maid in the hotel re-made his bed without realising he was still in it."  From Duncan Hamilton, Nottingham.

"No Swearing Gentlemen Please."  From Chris Paulson, Nottingham.



The special coin is part of a collection by the royal sculptor Gordon Brown of the Longdale Craft Centre in Ravenshead, Notts. He also made the bronze bust of Brian Clough which is proudly displayed at Nottingham Forest. Mr Brown has offered the coin, in a presentation box, to the winner of the above on-line poll. He is pictured with the Master Manager and the work of art in his studio.



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